Work Experience

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (2018-Present)

  • Lead for onboarding largest customers including direct responsibility for #1 consuming customer
  • Drove re-design of public website:
  • Doubled page views of Oracle Cloud blog
  • Product Manager for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and scaled coverage from <50% to >90%
  • Served as Chief of Staff to VP of Product Management as team grew from 30 to 300

Microsoft Open Technologies / Cross-Platform Interoperability team (2013-2017)

  • Involved in Microsoft decision to join Linux Foundation
  • Representing Microsoft on boards of Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects: Open Container Initiative and OpenAPI Initiative
  • Successfully pushed for release of Windows Live Writer (blog authoring tool) as open source
  • Led project to integrate open source Apache Qpid (AMQP) with Microsoft Azure
  • Presented on running OpenDaylight (open source network controller) on Windows Server

Windows Live Social Networking team (2007-2013):

  • Designed interfaces for users to share status, links, photos or video with their Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace friends all at once
  • Represented Microsoft in an open standards work group that includes Google, Facebook, TypePad/SixApart, StatusNet, SocialCast, and more
  • Designed interfaces for reading social news or “activity feeds” and posting-back comments used by MSN, Windows Phone, Messenger for iPhone, and the Outlook Social Connector
  • Served as primary technical contact for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and MySpace for their integrations with Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail

MSN / Windows Live Spaces team (2006-2007):

  • Redesigned site search experience focusing on People and drove Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Spaces web pages into Google, MSN Search, Yahoo!, and Baidu leveraging open standard and established process for quantitatively measuring impact

Microsoft Publisher team (2001-2006):

  • Worked with design team to add hundreds of new “Templates” to MS Publisher and redesigned the “Getting Started” experience to expose these

Gore 2000 (2000):

  • Worked as Field Organizer for two counties in northwest Iowa; Organized events with surrogate speakers for the candidate including Max Kennedy and Transportation Department Secretary, Rodney Slater.

Daily Illini (1999-2000): Online Editor

Strata Decision Technology (1999): Software Tester

Democratic Experience

To read about Rob’s experience as a Democratic activist, visit the Democratic Experience page.