Upcoming Events for October 22nd, 2022

Canvasses, Phonebanks, and more – You can knock doors, make phone calls, or send TXT messages from Bellingham, Bothell, and Bremerton, to Vancouver, Walla Walla, and Yakima.  Organizers are active across WA.  Check with your local Democratic party like the Clark County Democrats and find local events at: https://www.wa-democrats.org/organizingevents/ and see “Events and Key Dates” for more.

Let’s change history in 2022 – The political party that loses the White House does well in the subsequent federal election.  After Democrat Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, Newt Gingrich’s “Contract on America” Republicans took control of the U.S. House in 1994.  After Democrat Barack Obama was elected in 2008, “Tea Party” Republicans came back strong in 2010.  Starting NOW is our opportunity to out-work the Republicans and build on our federal gains from 2020. 

Training Programs – See below for training resources and programs from the DNC, Emerge, IDF, and WSLC and check-out cohort member bios for potential candidates or campaign staff.

Swing the Senate – To elect a working Democratic Senate majority, please consider these close races:

Officer Opportunities – If someone you know is interested in expanding their Democratic party activism, please encourage them to consider:

More ResourcesCounty Prosecuting Attorneys and County Sheriffs have a big impact on access to justice.  See who is running (links below) in addition to seeing who state legislature, county commission, and more.

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Events and Key Dates

Below is an incomplete list of upcoming events, key legislative and electoral dates, and recent past events for ideas.  Please reply if you have an event to add.

More events: https://www.wa-democrats.org/organizingevents/ and some DNC events: Zoom Phone Banks | Spanish Call Crew | Text for Democrats | Host a Friend Bank

Candidate Spotlight: Marie Gluesenkamp Perez

Democrat, small business owner, and mom Marie Gluesenkamp Perez is running for the southwest Washington Congressional seat currently occupied by an incumbent Republican who placed 3rd in the primary.  She is endorsed by leaders from U.S. Senators Murray and Cantwell to the Mayors of Ilwaco and Washougal and has a great shot to win against an extreme right-wing MAGA Republican
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Past Candidate Spotlights:

You can also suggest a future candidate to spotlight for sharing with over 1,000 Democrats across the state.